B2B Summit 2022 in Tokyo
May 25th, 2022 (Wednesday) 13:00-19:00 JST

Top leaders from all over the world convene!

Where the B2B industry is today in 2022, the turning point of the unprecedented times

DNX Ventures will host the B2B Summit, a conference featuring guests worldwide to introduce the latest trends and initiatives in the ever-changing B2B industry. We are excited to bring back our annual B2B Summit in an in-person setting and have viewers online simultaneously for the first time. 2022 will bring changes in business and technology trends and changes in the global balance of power and geopolitics, and increased awareness of the impact of countermeasures on global social issues. We have invited some of the best speakers not only from Japan and the US but also from Europe and Asia, to explore the current state of the B2B industry and startups from their respective perspectives.

In this year's event, we have invited Mr. Mukul, the Asia Representative of KKR, to the panel discussion, "What Global Institutional Investors Expect from Japanese Startups." We will discuss why Japanese startups have been attracting the attention of foreign institutional investors in recent years and what opportunities and challenges they see for startups and markets in Japan.
In the following SaaS session, DNX Ventures has invited the top executives from three of the most sought-after B2B SaaS startups from Japan, Commune, Flux, and Zero Board, which we have newly invested in the past three years. The three startups are all different in terms of their businesses and visions. Still, they have all achieved hyper-growth by grasping the changes in society and the world’s demands and strategically developing their businesses.
From the US fund, we introduce ICEYE, a satellite company from Finland, and CloudNatix, a cloud infrastructure company from Silicon Valley.
We will cover topics of market trends, changes based on ESG and other social imperatives, and a new approach to our lifestyle post-pandemic life through these five sessions. The event will truly capture the "now" of 2022, including business models that adapt to lifestyles and business practices.

We hope that the B2B Summit will be valuable for those who want to grasp the changes in the B2B industry, for those looking to evolve and innovate their business by adopting the latest business models and technologies, and for startups who are taking on challenges in the B2B domain. We hope that you will be able to bring home key takeaways of the B2B trends and use them as a hint for your future business building and promotion.

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Partner and Head of Asia Pacific Growth Equity / KKR

Mukul Chawla


Genji Nagai

Co-Founder, Head of Japan / Commmune Inc.

Shota Hashimoto

Founder-CEO / Zeroboard Inc.

Michitaka Tokeiji

Global Head of Insurance / ICEYE

Stephen Lathrope

Founder and CEO / CloudNatix Inc.

Rohit Seth

Managing Director and Partner, Head of Asia Pacific and Japan / BCG Digital Ventures

Yoichiro Hirai

Managing Director & Senior Partner / The Boston Consulting Group

Ichiro Kaku

B2B Summit 2022 here

What is DNX B2B Summit?

B2B Summit brings together B2B tech’s most sought-after entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners to share insights and learn from one another. As a B2B-focused early stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley and Japan, DNX Ventures has been cultivating strong and valuable relationships with leading entrepreneurs and corporate partners since 2011. B2B Summit is an opportunity for people to learn from market leaders with diverse backgrounds.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital cannot thrive in Japan? Absolutely Not!

Partner of Menlo Ventures

Venky Ganesan


5G is going to be everywhere. It's going to change the game.

CEO of Movandi

Maryam Rofougaran


Building a great company takes time and energy. Age brings wisdom and youth brings innovation. We need to recognize and appreciate that.

ex-COO of Box

Dan Levin


Grasp the latest B2B trends in one stop

Learn from the best in the industry. We cover the latest trends and insights from the top industry leaders.

Connect with peers to learn from one another

Our in-person Annual Summit happens in Tokyo, Japan and all attendees fly in from all over the world to connect and meet.

Get unique global perspective

DNX Ventures has a unique perspective from investing in Japan and the US in the last decade.

Past Sessions

Past Speakers


Angus Klein

Vice President of Global Support, Snowflake

Prosenjit Sen

CEO, Quark.ai

Hajime Hirose

CEO, Alphaus, Inc.


Ivan Zhao

Co-founder/CEO, Notion

Chelsie Lee

CEO / Co-Founder, SHIPSI

Gene Han

Managing Partner at Halo Advisory (Former Head of Innovation at Target)

Takeshi Aida

CEO of RevComm


Eric Yuan

Founder and CEO, Zoom

Andrea Thomaz

CEO and Co-Founder, Diligent Robotics

Matt Garratt

SVP and Managing Partner, Salesforce Ventures

Glen Sun

Partner, Sequoia Capital


Maryam Rofougaran

CEO of Movandi

Richard C. Koo

Chief Economist at Nomura Research Institute

Takeo Inada


Koji Ogishima

CEO of TeamSpirit


Tim Draper

Founder of Draper Associates

Chika Terada

CEO of Sansan

Luisa Lima

Co-foudner of Fyde

Yosuke Tsuji

CEO of Money Forward

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Bites and Insights


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Insurance X


We’ve seen early stage start-ups stuck in a Product-Market Catch 22. As an early stage VC focusing on B2B startups, we help them solve the P-M Catch 22 even before we invest in a company. We bring startup founders and our corporate network to a conference style event to help them find the customers to kickstart their business. Previously, we’ve had Insurance x Autonomous Vehicle themed event in Silicon Valley to get startups, corporations, and investors to discuss the future of Insurance at the time of autonomous vehicles.



More than 90% of our investments in Japan are B2B SaaS companies. Akira Kurabayashi with 15 years of experience investing in SaaS and leads our B2B SaaS investment, sits with the experienced entrepreneurs and investors to provide actionable advice to early stage entrepreneurs.


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