How B2B startups are faring under the COVID-19 crisis

We have all felt the blunt force of this new coronavirus, aka, COVID-19, that descended upon the entire world this year.  Desperately trying to keep this vicious infection at bay, countries around the world have taken such measures as shelter-in-place and laying restrictions on businesses, causing disruption to the economy and dealing a major blow to businesses all over the world.  Further, as a result of social-distancing, B2B companies have been forced to rethink “the way we work,” something they have taken for granted in the past: to work in a physical office.
As all business practices heretofore are being reviewed, it will be a challenging time for startups. Startups are facing new challenges, with the task of creating new services and products that will be adopted as the new standard in the post-COVID-19 era.
Already, some innovative technologies, services, and products from various startups are being adopted and utilized.
For this year’s summit, we are pleased to have Mr. Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom as our speaker. As everyone knows, Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed amid the current crisis, as people had to go to work, school, churches, etc., online.  We will ask him for his insights on what changes are taking place globally.

Schedule & Speaker Lineup

17:00-17:30 (PDT)

How should we navigate during the uncertain times and adjust to the new trends of remote work?

Founder and CEO, Zoom

Eric Yuan

Head of Platform, DNX Ventures

Natsuki Zihnioglu

17:30 -18:00  (PDT)

How are Robots changing the healthcare industry?

CEO and Co-Founder, Diligent Robotics

Andrea Thomaz

Managing Partner / DNX Ventures

Q Motiwala

18:00 - 18:30  (PDT)

Why are Salesforce and Sequoia eyeing the Japanese startup market to invest?

SVP and Managing Partner, Salesforce Ventures

Matt Garratt

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Glen Sun

Managing Partner and Head of Japan / DNX Ventures

Akira Kurabayashi

Past Speakers


Angus Klein

Vice President of Global Support, Snowflake

Prosenjit Sen


Hajime Hirose

CEO, Alphaus, Inc.


Ivan Zhao

Co-founder/CEO, Notion

Chelsie Lee

CEO / Co-Founder, SHIPSI

Gene Han

Managing Partner at Halo Advisory (Former Head of Innovation at Target)

Takeshi Aida

CEO of RevComm


Eric Yuan

Founder and CEO, Zoom

Andrea Thomaz

CEO and Co-Founder, Diligent Robotics

Matt Garratt

SVP and Managing Partner, Salesforce Ventures

Glen Sun

Partner, Sequoia Capital


Maryam Rofougaran

CEO of Movandi

Richard C. Koo

Chief Economist at Nomura Research Institute

Takeo Inada


Koji Ogishima

CEO of TeamSpirit


Tim Draper

Founder of Draper Associates

Chika Terada

CEO of Sansan

Luisa Lima

Co-foudner of Fyde

Yosuke Tsuji

CEO of Money Forward

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